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Book Review: Bleeding Hearts: Recipe for Successful Dating


Title:              Bleeding Hearts

Author:          Tendai Makaripe

ISBN:             978-0-7974-8507-5

Publisher:      Royalty Books


Reviewed by Lazarus Sauti

Dating remains one of the main causes of stress among young people these days.

Girls and boys are putting a lot of time and energy into dating pressures.

Furthermore, they are spending much time chatting, as well as thinking about dating, but very few of them are prepared for the trauma that dating and courtship present.

Forlornly, there is barely any insightful literature that these youths can read and make informed decisions about dating plus courtship.

However, Tendai Makaripe has taken an audacious resolution to write “Bleeding Hearts”, a formula for successful dating, which is fast becoming the fashion of the day for young people.

The 55-paged paperback, published by Royalty Books (2018), is an all-important source and a timely word of advice for young people on issues of dating.

Makaripe’s book not only helps the youths to know what dating is but also explores the dangers of heartbreak.

Heartbreak hurts. If you have ever had your heart broken, you understand why that term is used – it often feels like your heart is disintegrating into tiny pieces,” writes Makaripe.

To avoid heartbreaks, the author advices the youths to steer clear of spending a great deal of time in front of the mirror preparing themselves for the dating game, but to approach the matter with a clear conscience.

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Be in charge of your senses, do not let the heat of the moment sweep you away. It is easy to follow the tide and believe every word your partner tells you, but be sober and vigilant like what the Bible says,” he counsels.

The book, edited by accomplished writer, Phillip Kundeni Chidavaenzi, also warns young people against chasing material things, as well as being blinded by physical appearances as true love comes from within.

Makaripe’s message is clear: beauty is not from the face, but from within; beauty is a light in the heart.

This is an invaluable advice given that most young people in this country are still making the blunder of being blinded by material things, over and above physical appearances.

Appreciably, chapter 5 of the book, “In the Beginning, God…” strongly recommends the young people to involve God in their relationships if they are to successfully navigate the dating minefield.

God is the principal and singular originator of relationships. He knows it all. He should, therefore, be the centre of all relationships.

Other chapters in the book are: “It Was Love at First Sight”, “When Love Becomes Blind”, “When Your Best Is Not Enough”, “All that Glitters Is Not Gold” and “Picking Up the Pieces.”

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Without a doubt, “Bleeding Hearts” is a recipe for successful dating. The book helps young people to develop their personalities, handle situations, as well as grow and/or mature in their relationships with others.

Makaripe attended Goromonzi High School for his Ordinary and Advanced levels before enrolling for a Diploma in Journalism and Communication at the Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA).

Currently, he is studying towards a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Political Science at the University of Zimbabwe.

“Bleeding Hearts” is his first book.


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