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Breaking: High Court Orders Police To Release Dr Magombeyi

The High Court Tuesday morning ordered the Zimbabwe Republic Police to allow Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) interim leader Dr Peter Magombeyi to travel to South Africa to seek and access urgent specialist medical treatment.

The police had prevented him from travelling to South Africa as thy stated they needed him for further investigations over his alleged abduction last week.

Earlier, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights had issued a statement alleging that the ZRP had acted in violation of the constitution.

“In violation of the Constitution, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has prevented Dr Peter Magombeyi from leaving Zimbabwe to seek further urgent medical treatment, forcing the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights to file an urgent application at court.

“Dr Magombeyi reported case(s) to police such as threats he faced in August 2019 before he was abducted, disappeared and he also reported his abduction on 19 Sept after he was dumped at Nyabira. The Police questioned him for several hours about his whereabouts on 19 September.

“He was released and sought medical attention. Now the Police has prevented him from leaving the country to seek further specialised treatment.

“Although he is a complainant in cases he reported it is not clear why his rights are being restricted by the police.”


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