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BullionBars International in Awareness Drive

A gold investment and wealth preservation company, BullionBars International has launched a massive awareness drive that will enable the company to interface with the general public marketing their services in the process which has not been widely known in Zimbabwe.

BullionBars is a company that offers investments in various gold denominations. These products are minted and certified by world renowned gold asset companies; and have the highest level of purity 999.9 fine gold.

The company facilitates the purchase and liquidation of gold bullions, making the product a global corporate and consumer product while guaranteeing owners safety of their money which can therefore not be eroded by any form negative economic performance.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Founder and chief executive officer, Captain Otis Shonai said, “The business was launched in order to offer private local investors a straightforward, secure, and easy way to buy bullions at low margins ideal for investment and wealth preservation in uncertain times.

“Our company is committed to offering a unique and unrivaled inflation proof investment portfolio that has been tested for decades leveraging on gold prices. The vision is anchored on exceptional customer experience, expressed through transparency and highest level of discreetness of clients’ transactions and details. We strive to give all our clients a world-class experience”, he said

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Captain Shonai went to mention that, the business has solutions for both individuals and corporates with the initial investment pegged at USD$14 offering a range of gold asset sizes varying as little as from one gram.

“The advantage of investing with BBI is that it gives you control over your wealth, even if you chose not physically hold the Gold bars, you still retain and enjoy full ownership of your bullion assets which can be vaulted by a service provider of one’s choice,” added Captain Shonai.

Products offered include a buy back option and one is given   hard cash United States currency over the counter.

This is currently by far the only wealth preservation asset on the market that is tangible, giving clients absolute control and is set to last forever.




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