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Country Branding To Bring Back Good Old Glory Days For Zimbabwe

Memory lane is always where we all go down to whenever we want to remember the good old days or memories that we treasure the most.

For the past week on social media, the Zimbabweans have been posting about the glory days when Brand Zimbabwe was producing brands within its strong and formidable brand. Scrolling down time lines, I have been astonished as I have been seeing old commercials from video clips, magazine, and newspaper cuttings, as Zimbabweans are reminiscent of the days when we were thriving as a nation. The good old 80s and 90s is what people have begun to miss and it’s being triggered by what our country has become. This is a clear indication that as a country we need to rebrand and reorganize ourselves to recreate even better days than the ones that we miss. It’s simple, we miss the old brand, and as long as we all feel that way, let us turn to what I have been preaching about in terms of National Branding as a gateway to our own prosperity.

In my last edition I introduced to you a method to end all challenges we are facing as a country which is city branding. Our challenges as a nation can only be solved using devolution, each city / province, focusing on itself to create a better distinct economy based on what it already has and what it can create. The time is now to look at how to better ourselves to accomplish a commonly shared vision of development.

Local councils are the heartbeat of each place, as they are the nearest in connectivity with the people that reside in that town, city, or municipality.  Their services and reception are what keeps a place beautified, orderly and progressing towards better standards of quality of life. Nation Branding is a key catalyst to developing our cities to ensure they reach their world class status under City Branding.

In my policy proposal soon to be presented at the City Branding Summit, my team and I shall be introducing the concept of National Branding through City Branding, which is crucial to turn around the direction, status and reputation of cities, to enhance citizen quality of life.  The end game for City Branding is not just about creating distinct brands but distinct sustainable economies through sector focused development.

But we can never talk about the economy without enabling authorities holding different portfolios mature councils will embrace City Branding just as what Harare City council has already done. As it is a work in progress but building our cities & country requires leadership that is futuristic and open minded.

Moreover that, forward thinking government officials and departments have pledged their support for Nation Branding through City Branding in their own way using the resources under their portfolios. The Minister of information, Publicity and Broadcast Services, Hon Senator Monica Mutsvangwa gave thumbs up to say, “this idea is brilliant, I support this 100 percent, this is what government is looking for, when I read this I said to myself wow this is brilliant. The Harare Provincial Minister, Sen O Chidawu also pledged his support and in his words stated that he supports City Branding. In a detailed meeting with The Permanent Secretary for Ministry of ICT, Engineer Samuel Kundishora he also acknowledged the synergy of ICT services and cities as ICT is an enabler creating convenience and a digital fast moving economy for each city.

We have an opportunity to become better than where we are currently reminiscent about. There is better for us but we must all become better people for a better Brand.

Tare Munzara is a Country Branding Expert and the CEO for Destination Marketing International & City Branding Organization.  Nation Brand With Tare Munzara is  every Thursday. For Feedback please do contact Email  on   or  Phone: 0774 817 440

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