Demystifying the myths about the revamped Econet data fares

The recent introduction of the light and extra bundles by Zimbabwe’s leading telecommunications provider, Econet Wireless has been condemned by multitudes of its clientele.

The initiative has seen Econet being called all sorts of names. Some have labelled it a cooperate bully, some say it does not care about its customers.

On social media especially Twitter, hashtags have been created against the company, some of the hashtags even encouraging subscribers to move over to Telecel and Netone.

The million dollar question is: Do we actually need to call the nation’s most innovative telecommunications names over the introduction of the light and extra bundles?

The new air usage policy has placed new charges for WhatsApp, Facebook and Opera mini. This new initiative commenced on the 23rd of May.

There is need to rethink and consider this offer before we tumble into conclusions.

I distantly followed a Twitter discussion that was sparked by Sir Nige’s question to Econet. It is only then that I started to appreciate the Light and Extra Bundles.

Sir Nige tweeted:

In response Econet Wireless tweeted :

I then draw a conclusion that the new social media bundles are designed to cater for our needs and ensure that we as customers have the best social experience.

Below are some of the facts I think we should be aware of regarding the light and extra bundles

Facts about the light and extra bundles   

  1. The light and extra Bundles come with a Fair Usage Policy.
  2. Light bundles are meant for an average data user while the extra bundles are meant for higher than average data needs.
  3. The Fair Use Policy entails that every bundle now has usage guidelines applicable to each bundle.
  4. The Policy is meant to give preferential experience to subscribers who have not used more than their fair share of data.
  5. The Fair Usage Policy was put in place to afford all subscribers a better experience on the network.
  6. Network resources will be shared such that no customer is prejudiced
  7. For the $3 Monthly WhatsApp light bundle, one receives unlimited texts and 200 MB to download audio, images and videos. This implies that even if the 200MB of data is used up you still continue to experience unlimited texting. This data is therefore right in the sense that it allows one to choose on what we can afford.

Why I appreciate the revamped Data Fares

  1. As customers this helps to desist from downloading even the same video over and over again. It enables us to manage our own data.
  2. This data is therefore right in the sense that it allows one to choose what they afford.

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