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Everyone Wonders Where Matutu Is Getting The IRON BALLS: Chivhayo

Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo, who was recently fingered in the list of corrupt Zanu PF and business officials allegedly involved in illegal foreign currency dealings and other forms of corruption, has fired salvo against Zanu PF Deputy Secretary for Youth Lewis Matutu saying his move could be detrimental to him and the party.

Posting on Twitter this morning, Chivhayo said Matutu’s stance has raised questions on where he is getting the ‘iron balls’ to do that.

He further accused Matutu of messing up the country’s image by implicating the Reserve Bank Governor Dr John Mangudya on the day the new currency was announced.

“It therefore creates a lot of unnecessary confusion and speculation of infighting within our PRESIDIUM. In my view if you can’t respect the appointing authority to such powerful offices (some in the executive) YOUR FUTURE on that position and even in the party is BLEAK…

“Attacking the Minister of Tourism on the same day Zimbabwe is hosting Heads of State in Vic Falls was again very foolish ?Generally attacking Senior members of our party has a detrimental effect because everyone begins to wonder where you are getting the IRON BALLS to do that,” said Chivhayo.

Matutu has attracted backlash from most of the people named on his list with Mangudya going a step further to file a ZW$ 1 Million lawsuit against the Zanu PF youth leader while other have accused him of extortion.

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