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Fans Fume Over Killer T’s Performance

Poor vocals and dull acts were the order of the day for ZimDance-hall music lovers who attended Killer T’s live performance at the ongoing Harare Agricultural Show.

Killer T, real name Kelvin Kusikwenyu, was headlining the Kwese Iflix Million Dollar Promotion Week 1 Draw but his dull performance left a sour taste in the mouths of his legion of followers who had to endure a torrid long wait for their favourite man.

The artist struggled with his vocals and sometimes choked, in a performance characterised by the premature transition to next songs and a raspy voice that is contrary to the crispy clean Bvunza Tinzwe hitmaker who plays on the radio.

Fans who spoke to 263Chat after the 28-year old’s performance fumed over the presentation accusing Killer T of being under the influence of drugs and intoxicating substance which resulted in the mediocre act.

“I think its high time Killer T should have a good manager, he must stay away from taking substances before the performance, truly speaking today he failed to deliver his best yet fans were waiting for him since morning,” said Takudzwa Marimo a bitter fan of Killer T’s.

“Killer T’s management is poor, he needs to be professional we were waiting for him since morning and he did nothing when he came here zvakadhakwa zvavatiitira chairman vakaita zvekutamba vachaita semumwe wavo akapera nenyaya yemadrugs,” added Melissa another staunch fan.

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While some fans were disappointed by his performance which was too brief for fans who had waited for him since morning.

“We were told that chairman was supposed to perform for an hour but vakuzvifonera chairman apa hapana chinoziikanwa,the guy is very stubborn l don’t know maybe its because he is a public figure but vakatamba vanodonha manje,” said Anesu Rinomhota.

Meanwhile, Killer T will have a chance to redeem himself when he performs at the “Clash of the Giants” concert slated for 1 September.


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