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Chin’ono Dismisses Zimdancehall Going International

Freelance journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono has sparked a social media debate after dismissing the Zimdancehall genre’s chances of going international due to lack of originality.

Addressing his legion of followers on social media, Chin’ono said the genre’s lack of originality doomed its chances of going international.

“I have been asked my views on Zim dancehall. I stayed away from commenting although I am a qualified reggae connoisseur. Today I will, Zim dancehall will never get anywhere because it copies someone else’s culture,” he wrote.

His views were not entirely accepted by internet users, some of whom were quickly sent into emotional overdrive;

“Stay in politics sir. I think it’s good that way. We know you’re a heavy weight but it’s bad when you start throwing your weight all over into people’s careers. Grind renyu is to criticize zanu pf and that’s yours. Siyai ma youth aimbe. Vakurudzireyi kusiya ma drugs. Let’s spread positive vibes please. Munodonhedzesa vanhu varikuzamawo,” Instagram user leader_tapfuma.

The response was linked to Chin’ono’s last week’s remarks blasting Zimbabwean youths for their “misplaced attention” after many flocked Facebook to watch socialites who had been invited on Star FM radio’s On The Spot programme.

In recent times, Chino’no has made waves showing off his reggae skills after freestyling Dem Loot, a song that was well received by social media users.

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