Fresh Attempted Murder Charges For Marry Mubaiwa

Marry Mubaiwa, the estranged wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has been slapped with fresh attempted murder charges as defined in section 189 ARW section 47 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act chapter 9:23.

Mubaiwa, who is already facing six charges including fraud, externalisation and money laundering, is currently before the Harare Magistrates’ Courts to answer to the accusations.

However, it is the new charge which has shocked the nation where Muabiwa is alleged to have attempted to end the life of her then-ailing husband who was battling for life in South Africa.

Upon his return from his four-month sickness induced leave, Chiwenga claimed that it was a “miracle’ that he survived.

Allegations against Mubaiwa,  are that on 22 June 2019, the complainant, Chiwenga, was airlifted to South Africa for emergency medical attention where upon arrival, the accused forced the complainant to stay at Sheraton hotel in Pretoria for 24 hours.

“On 23 June 2019, accused kept on denying complainant access to medical treatment and the security team had to force their way to take the complainant to Netcare hospital. Upon his admission at the hospital, the complainant was inserted an  Intra Venous Giving Set as well as Central Venous Catheter in order to sustain his life. Some weeks later, the complainant was transferred to a private ward where he was under 24-hour monitoring by doctors and his security personnel,” reads the charge sheet.

During this time when the complainant was admitted at the hospital, he was helpless and would rely on medical staff and the security personnel for movement from one place to another.

The charges further state that On 8 July 2019, at about 2000 hours, he accused, Mubaiwa, came to the hospital with the intent to cause serious harm to the complainant.  She ordered the security personnel to excuse her alleging that she wanted privacy with the complainant. The security personnel went outside leaving the accused together with the complainant inside the ward.

Whilst alone with the complainant accused unlawfully removed the medical Intra Venous Giving Set as well as Central Venous Catheter which were inserted to the complainant and the complainant started bleeding profusely.

It is further alleged that the accused forced the complainant off the bed, held him by hand and moved out from the ward before being intercepted by the security personnel at the exit door. The hospital staff was called by the security personnel and they reconnected the Intra Venous Giving Set and the Central Venous catheter and resuscitated the condition of the complainant

The accused disappeared from the hospital after the hospital staff was alerted by the security personnel.

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