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Hustlers’ Market Switches On This Weekend

This weekend Magamba Network will be hosting Hustlers Market, a place where young entrepreneurs showcase their creative work selling products.

Speaking to this publication, the event organisers Vera Chisvo said the event is all about promoting young businesses and creatives.

“Hustlers’ market is an event that we have been running for the past three years and its main aim is to promote and create a space where young people to come together and showcase their work.

“We also create opportunities for upcoming artists, musicians, carmakers and people who have startups to have a new audience that they can advertise to,” said VeraThe

The market also accommodates spaces for marginalized communities like the LGBT.

“We also create safe space for marginalized communities like the LGBT community and they always come to our events because they find it safe and enjoyable” added Vera Chisvo

“Hustlers Market is a monthly event and very soon thay are planning to make it an international event.

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