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I Will Never Trash-talk Tytan: Olinda

After a silent stint around drama involving United Kingdom-based couple of Njabulo Tytan Nkomo and Olinda Chapel, the latter has broken the silence expressing her displeasure with people trying to influence her to say negative things about her ex-husband.

In a recent Instagram post, the businesswoman highlighted that she will never at any point say anything bad about Tytan.

“Seriously tired of people egging me on to say something bad about Tytan. He’s my child’s father. I will never say anything bad about him.No matter what!” she wrote.

However, looking at Olinda’s track record with her other ex-husband, Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, it may prove a Himalayan task for her to keep the vow.

After moving on with Tytan, Olinda had countless moments when she would go on social media trash-talking Stunner.

At one moment she left tongues wagging after mocking Stunner’s manhood.

Olinda and Tytan officially parted ways early last month with the singer husband alleging domestic abuse.

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