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Passion Java Wades Into Olinda-Tytan Storm

Controversial cleric Passion Java has shared his two cents on the burning social media drama involving United Kingdom-based socialite, Olinda Chapel and her estranged ex-husband Njabulo “Tytan” Nkomo.

On Wednesday, Tytan came out revealing his ex-wife’s HIV status expressing disappointment over Olinda’s failure to tell him in advance before they went bedding together.

The exposé torched a storm with social media users expressing mixed emotions over Tytan’s move.

In a short video clip, Java expressed disbelief over Tytan’s disrespect for Olinda.

“Haaaa Titus I  have just watched your interview in which you revealed a lot of things, that was brutal! I can’t support this no matter how much wrong Olinda has done you.

“Women should be respected, they deserve our respect, they help us as men in so many ways. What will happen when the kids grow up and watch these videos? This was so wrong,” said the cleric.

The drama extinguishes videos of Java speaking in Shona tongues while conducting a church service with a non-Shona speaking congregation.

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