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Jah Prayzah Is The Biggest Artist In Zimbabwe: Nutty O


Tempers flared on social media after Dancehall chanter, Nutty O made sensational claims that his Military Touch Movement (MTM) boss, Jah Prayzah was the biggest musician in the land.

In a recent post, the “Boom Shelele” hitmaker called for people to give Jah Prayzah his “due” credit as the biggest artiste in Zimbabwe.

“Give Jah Prayzah enough credit and remember nobody is bigger than him paden (at home). No argument.”

This provoked mixed feelings and a serious rebuke from Zimdancehall kingpin, Winky D’s fans.

Below are some of the reactions….

in as much as I like winky D, Jah prayzah akumberi in terms of putting Zimbabwe on the map he makes pple fro outside to Sing Shona and he is proud of his language ndiudzewo one munhu akamoimbiswawo shona naWinky D ever since paakatanga kuimba tichiri kuPrimary izvozvi tatopedza he has never gone that international.

How to lose dignity÷ step 1- disrespect Winky D step 2- disrespect Winky D.

The way Nutty O said it simply shows he knows there is a Bigger artist than his boss akungotsvaga nharo

@c.y.n.t.h.i.e Even mfana king98 has done more international collabos but he is not the best. i believe JP has more money n resources thats why he managed to put zim music out there on the map through collabos. Haana kana song yake ari 1 which made waves in international market

Ko kunyepa here ?jah prayzah iG.O.A.T?

?Ko hasha ndedzei asi pataurwa chokwadi ??

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This follows the recent release of Jah Prayzah’s forthcoming album title track, “Hokoyo.”



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