King 98 Partners ZTA In ‘I Bet’ Challenge

Fans will be the biggest winners in the partnership between Hip Hop star, King 98 and the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) with winners of the ‘I bet’ challenge getting an all expenses paid trip to Kariba.

King 98 launched his new 2020 single titled “I bet” yesterday with fans already endorsing the song that markets Zimbabwe as a tourism destination.

His publicist, Stephen Tsikirayi said King 98 saw it fit to support government’s 2025 vision of raising USD5 Billion from the tourism sector.

He added that the youthful musician excited about the partnership with ZTA which he said will go a long way in marketing Zimbabwe as the tourism destination.

“King98, being an international artist, hugely celebrated in Africa and around the globe took it upon himself to market the various tourism facets of his native home, Zimbabwe. Footing all the costs, the Kachiri hitmaker intertwines with the Vision of the Ministry of Tourism which is to produce over 5 billion USD dollars by 2025.

“For this related cause, King 98 shot the I Bet video in Kariba in the bid to showcase the beauty of Zimbabwe and the manifold tourists’ sites Zimbabwe has. In light of this, the Zimbabwean Tourism Authority (ZTA) has endorsed the video by King98 and soon enough, King98 and the (ZTA) will collaborate to run the “I Bet challenge” in which winners will have a trip to Kariba,” said Tsikirayi.

Tsikirayi announced the release of the song which he described as a continuous improvement of the hip hop star whose vision is to conquer Africa and beyond.

“Kachiri hitmaker King98, a 22-year-old is thrilled to declare the release of his new record which will be available worldwide on the 20th of November 2020,” said Tsikirayi.

Tsikirayi said the song highlights King 98’s writing prowess.

“The record is flowered by a sense of heroic poetry depicting King98 as a medieval entertainer bargaining for the definition and true essence of Love. Generally, it is a melancholic love story reminiscing the Shakespearean memory of Romeo and Juliet whereby a man bewitched by cupid’s arrows goes all in for a girl who fails to reciprocate the same love,” he said.

King 98 maintains the sound that has become synonymous with him since he announced his arrival on the music scene a few years ago.

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