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Man Hangs Self Over Gold Ore


A 23-year-old man from Village 9, Morocco, in Chikuti recently committed suicide at his homestead after being accused of stealing gold ore belonging to another group of artisanal miners.

It is believed that on the 8th of December 2019, Christopher Chifore hatched a plan to steal gold ore from another group of miners.

After discovering the theft, the owners of the ore then tracked the spoor, which led to Chifore’s homestead. The gang did not beat him nor demand their ore back.

A source who requested anonymity said the gang said it was just a matter of time before the thief revealed himself or herself.

They then collected soil from the spoor they had tracked from the ore source and threatened to super-naturally harm the person to whom it belonged.

Chifore denied the theft.

“Chifore, I think was consumed by a guilty conscience. Yesterday, the 7th (of January) he went to his next-door neighbour and borrowed a rope which he said he wanted to use (to) retrieve ore from his own mine. The neighbour did not suspect anything because the allegations of stealing ore from other camps are a common thing in this area,” said the source.

“On the 9th of January, l was awakened by noise from my wife who had gone out to do her chores. I was also surprised to find Chris hanging. He was a nice young man. We never thought he would stoop so low and hang himself,” said the source.

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Chifore used the rope he had borrowed from his neighbour to hang himself.

The police from Kasimure attended the scene. The body was taken to the hospital for post mortem.

Many villagers who gathered at the scene strongly suspected that the people whose ore was stolen might have used juju which led Chifore to commit suicide

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