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MDC Alliance Scoffs At ED’s Offer

President Emmerson Mnangagwa gesture to offer the MDC president Nelson Chamisa a post in Parliament is a “mockery,” as his leader is the legitimate winner of the July 30 Presidential elections, party spokesperson Jacob Mafume has said.

In an interview with 263Chat, Mafume said any dialogue between Mnangagwa and Chamisa should be on how to solve the economic problems facing the country.

“They know how they stole it (elections) and they know the figures they played with. So they cannot offer us what we were, before the election…” Mafume claimed.

In an attempt to mend bridges after a disputed election President Mnangagwa had decided to offer the opposition leader a post in Parliament.

Mafume, however, insisted that there must be a dialogue between Mnangagwa and Chamisa so as to find a way on how to solve the economic problems facing the country.

He added despite the opposition party having written to Mnangagwa seeking dialogue on “national issues”, the offer has not been responded to.

“We wrote a letter to President Mnangagwa and that letter has not been replied. There has only been a tweet which said Mnangagwa is open to a discussion. But there hasn’t been a follow up or an offer tabled for President Chamisa,” said Mafume.

He further stated, “President Chamisa has spoken on this issue and has said that he cannot be offered what he is already. He is the official leader of the opposition. He is the leader of the MDC Alliance which is the biggest representation.

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“In fact, he was the leader of the opposition before the election in July, now he is the legitimate president of the country.”

Mafume and the MDC Alliance have stuck with their mantra that Chamisa’s alleged victory was stolen by the Mnangagwa administration and the election management body, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

The MDC Alliance spokesperson said that despite using violence and ZEC to rig the election, Zanu-PF was warned that they would not rig the economy and not be accepted by the people of Zimbabwe.

“The economy has rejected the election, the economy has rebuffed the victory and the economy is making a mockery of the stole election. Therefore we are saying, there has to be meaningful dialogue based on the five point plan presented by Nelson Chamisa. Anything outside that is a waste of time or its trying to put lipstick on a frog or a crocodile,” Mafume said.

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