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The New iPhone XS Max – A Phone Of The Next Digital Age

The world’s leading smartphone brand Apple last week unleashed its latest version of the iPhone X series, the iPhone XS Max which is coming a few months after the iPhoneX had made waves in the market due to its unique features.

Apple’s latest iPhone XS Max comes with improved features like the bigger 6.5 inch screen which gives an immersive viewing experience with high definition capabilities of up to 1080P video quality. The screen is a little bit narrower that of the first iPhoneX with a 157.5 x 77.4mm dimensions, making it much bigger than its predecessor, the iPhone8 Plus.

After touring Solution Centre’s showroom at the retailer’s Enterprise branch in Harare, 263Chat had a physical contact with the iPhone XS Max, which feels a little chunky in the hand, but there’s no questioning the fact that its more to getting a huge amount of display from a phone which caters for all technology needs in a single tap.

The XS Max is decorated with a shining steel frame through out its exterior and the new formulation of glass on the front and rear makes it tougher than the glass on the ordinary iPhone X. This architecture gives the iPhone XS Max a supremely premium look and feel, while its resistance to dust and water has also been enhanced.

The iPhone generations from iPhone7 to the latest iPhone XS Max

Apple has also increased the protection to IP68, enabling the iPhone XS Max to be submerged to a depth of up to two meters for 30 minutes without suffering any ill effects. Apple further claims that it has tested the protection in a number of liquids, including salt water, chlorinated water, milk, wine and beer, although purposeful exposure is not advisable.

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Like its recent predecessors, there is no headphone jack on the iPhone XS Max. The famous audio port has been completely thrown into oblivion after Apple eliminated the port on the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE. This means users get a centralized Lightning port alongside speaker and microphone holes on the base of the iPhone XS Max. The same lightning port now handles audio outputs, data transfer as well as battery charging.


The boxed iPhone XS Max comes with a pair of Apple EarPods plus a lightning to USB cable. However, if a user plug the earpods into the lightning port on the base of the phone, the charging cable cannot be connected to it at the same time which eliminates the phone’s previous capabilities of multitasking the user’s need.

To counter that limitation, the iPhone XS Max now supports wireless charging, so if a user has a charging pad to hand they can top the handset up while listening to a wired set of headphones.

Using the same mech as its predecessors, the power/lock key is on the right side of the XS Max, and is easy enough to hit with thumb or forefinger, while the volume keys sit below the physical mute switch on the left of the handset.

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Like all recent iPhone versions, the SIM card tray continues to be located below this key, but there’s a new feature inside the iPhone XS Max (and XS). The handset is dual SIM enabled, with an eSIM embedded inside the handset.

This allows the user to insert a SIM from the carrier of their choice, and then enable the eSIM on a different plan with another carrier making it possible for one to interchange data usage from Econet to NetOne without removing SIM Cards. However, not all carriers support eSIM technology, and availability varies by region, so users are advised to check before signing up to anything.

Apple introduced a new gold finish for both the iPhone XS Max and XS, and it’s a little richer than the more subtle gold finish option for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. If you find the gold a bit too much, the iPhone XS Max also comes in Silver and Space Gray.

In summary, the iPhone XS Max is a phone of the next digital age, reading from its powerful processing speed, enhanced storage which reaches 512 Gigabytes embedded hard drive which makes it as portable computer in that regard. Furthermore, the latest iphone comes with an advanced iOS 12 version which give the iPhone XS Max massive room to deploy intelligent applications from the maker’s AppStore.


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