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Mliswa Launches Scathing Attack On Rival Candidate

Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa, has criticized recent actions by ZANU PF Norton constituency candidate, Constance Shamhu whom he accused of using Chief Chivero in her attempts to remove one of Norton’s headmen allegedly aligning with him.

Mliswa’s scathing attacks came in the wake of the controversial involvement of Chief Chivero, who is currently embroiled in a High Court dispute over chieftainship succession.

In a series of tweets, Mliswa expressed dismay at Shamhu’s decision to involve Chief Chivero, labeling it as a blatant abuse of both the law and a manifestation of political weakness.

“The recent move by the ZANU PF Norton candidate Constance Shamhu, to drag in a rogue Chief Chivero called Mubaiwa in a dirty move to remove headmen accused of working with me is a blatant abuse of both the law and an irresponsible manifestation of political weakness. The Chivero household has the Chieftainship wrangle at the High Court involving Chivesani and Chitinhe, thus there is no Chief in Norton. Only council of chiefs is presiding. To then find a politician so desperate for support as to manufacture a Chief is shocking and amateurish!                                     

“Traditional leaders should be apolitical as they represent everyone. Thus, it’s wrong to victimize them for doing just that. I have developmental projects in Norton and its rank madness to demand that people refuse what they need for their lives because of differing politics. Politics should be done within the boundaries of respecting cultural and humane standards. However, Mai Shamhu’s desperate and even illegal ploy to connive with a fake Chief reflects not just the criminal nature in her politics but desperate incapacity. She is out of her depth!” posted Mliswa          

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He pointed out that instead of attacking headmen for accepting essential resources such as boreholes, Shamhu should demonstrate equal capacity by providing similar services herself.               

“Whereas in her previous incarnation as a legislator she had been ‘carried’ into Parliament on a quota ticket, untested and unvarnished, this avenue she is pursuing requires political astuteness not just bludgeoning people with blunt rhetoric about sellouts and enemies! Instead of fighting headmen for accepting boreholes, why not show equal capacity by also drilling boreholes? Instead of fighting elderly women for receiving grocery hampers, why not complement and provide more? What courtship is that which threatens the target?

“Ultimately local politics is a praxis centering on providing solutions. If early in the election season people realize you are just hot air and slogans why victimize them? Why not up your game to standard instead of victimizing innocent villagers? The shocking thing about Mai Shamhu’s Politics of Illegality is that she is destabilizing a part of the constituency where ED has strong support, the only area that should be nurtured for her party leader’s sake. It’s a humongous error that reaches the State House in effect!                                                                                

“After losing 2 Rural Wards under Delimitation, it would be more sensible for her party to concentrate on winning over the 11 Urban Wards instead of muddying still waters in the only part remaining on their side.” Mliswa charged

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