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Mugabe Was Right on ED Says Chamisa

Opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has laid into President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying the late former President Robert Mugabe was right when he said there was no one to succeed him in Zanu PF .


In a scathing attack on Mnangagwa and Finance Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube over the recently pronounced 2,5 % wage deduction Chamisa said the duo had failed to run the country.


“I hear there is a new tax that has been announced. ED and Mthuli which planet do you live? You have not gone to parliament there is no law you are just coming. Even those with a tuckshop have a way of consulting. What kind of a leadership is this?” rhetorically asked Chamisa


He added “I am now beginning to believe Mugabe was right when he said I don’t have a successor, he was right. We used to think that he was not right, until we saw his successor, we now know he was right”

Chamisa was addressing delegates who attended the launch of MDC’s “20 Principles for a Reliable Inclusive and Credible Elections In Zimbabwe (PRICE)” policy document yesterday

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