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Chegutu Hospital Staff Rapped Over Poor Hygiene

Government has challenged Chegutu District Hospital staffers to change attitude and improve hygiene standards at the medical centre.

Speaking during a recent tour of the facility by senior government officials, Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr John Mangwiro urged hospital staff to make their workplace a better place.

“Chegutu Hospital staff need to understand they are the ones responsible of making this hospital a better place. We have all seen that hygiene is not being observed here. We need team work to get this hospital back on its feet,” said Mangwiro.

“The toilets are blocked. There are rats all over and the mortuary is not working. We need to change attitude towards health delivery system,” added Mangwiro.

Residents and patients have complained over hospital authorities’ neglect of the mortuary which had been dysfunctional for more than 10 months, with patients reportedly sharing hospital wards with corpses until their collection by funeral service providers.

The hospital  was advised to apply for labor from the department of public works to carryout renovations and general clean-up of the hospital.

Zimbabwe’s health delivery system has endured years of neglect of its infrastructure and medical personnel over the years, a case that has seen the country’s healthcare standards drop among the worst in the region.

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