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Music Promoter Introduces ‘Skilful Saturdays’

It is without a doubt that every budding artists’ biggest hustle is a time-slot on stage. The desperation for a slot on stage has even seen some promoters taking advantage of these upcoming talents exploiting them for free during shows.

However, in a bid to empower upcoming artists, Bigbass Entertainment in conjunction with Club Kings have come up with a program to assist the budding musicians polish their live performance skills.

The weekly program called Skilful Saturdays held every Saturday starting from tomorrow will provide a platform for upcoming artists also perfect their stage performance.

On an arena ravaged by piracy, the program is key to any upcoming artist hoping to make a living from the profession considering that, in Zimbabwe, the main means of survival for most artists are live shows.

The quality of live performance has also grown to be one of the key determining factors to the longevity of one music career in the country.

The inaugural edition, this Saturday, will see Liquid Yonke, Ahem Clatter, Luvhe Master among a host of upcoming talents serenading music lovers at Club Kings. There will also be a dance clash between Team Illusion and Magnetic Force.

Meanwhile, Bigbass is also tailoring another series of live music sessions called Acoustic Thursdays which will go an extra mile in empowering youthful musicians. The program will involve artists performing with a live instrument.

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