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My Daughter’s Life Is Being Shattered Down: Mamombe’s Mother

Kudzai Chiwanza, mother to the Harare West legislator Joanah Mamombe broke down as she watched her first born daughter leaving the court room back to the cells after she was remanded to the 19th of March 2019.

Her daughter, Joanah was arrested in Nyanga on Saturday while on parliamentary business.

She has since been charged with attempting to subvert a constitutionally elected government.

In an exclusive interview with 263Chat today, Mrs Chiwanza said she came to the court hopeful that she would go home with her daughter though the court decided otherwise.

“When I came to court I expected positive results for my daughter but its unfortunate that after all the testimonies from Joanah and all the arguments from her lawyers I came in high spirit telling myself surely my daughter was unlawfully brought before the court. So, I was going home with my daughter but I broke down because I did not expect the magistrate’s ruling that it would remand her again until the 19th of March,” she said.

Joanah’s mother pleaded for prayers from colleagues, friends and the people of Zimbabwe as she felt her daughter’s life was in the balance.

“I will be strong for her I know, she is also strong but she did not think this will take long. Over the weekend she was in jovial mood consoling me and encouraging me to be strong saying mama I am fine I will be out soon.

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“But today I have seen it that my daughter’s life is being shattered down. Is it because she entered into politics while she is young or is it because she is influential I don’t know? I will just pray to God because its hard for me.  For now I am pleading for prayers because I myself I can’t even pray sometimes. Joana has been a peaceful and a happy person and has never fought anyone but surprisingly she is charged with treason,”

Yesterday, MDC chief whip Prosper Mutseyami  described President Mnangagwa’s government as the worst ever on the human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

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