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Oh Hail The King! As Chiefs Demand Kingship Title

Traditional Chiefs have pleaded with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to change their title from Chiefs to Kings as the former has become a lighter title for the influential role their play in society.

Speaking at an interactive meeting between traditional leaders and Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) officers at Inkomo Barracks in Nyabira Chief Zvimba, born Stanley Urayayi Mhondoro said the title chief is belittling of their influence on their subjects.

He said the title has been lightened as it is being used loosely for heads of companies which is denigrating their importance.

 “Chieftainship speaks to royalty. We don’t like to be equated with chief executives and chief engineers, we are not different but what separates us is the work we do and the trajectory we traverse to be installed. One doesn’t go to school to become a chief, neither is their promotion but it comes with central lineage,” Chief Zvimba said.

The traditional leader has been making news headlines lately with his recent antic being the ruling to have former President Robert Mugabe’s remains exhumated for reburial at the National Heroes Acre.

He told army chiefs that they should tell Mnangagwa to urgently address their concerns.

“Kindly pass on this request to His Excellency (Mnangagwa) that chiefs from Mashonaland West, represented by Chief Zvimba, no longer want to be addressed as chiefs.

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“King George and Queen Elizabeth are not addressed as chiefs because they are royals. Historically there were kings, therefore it’s better to say Mambo (King) Zvimba or Mambo Chundu because saying chief does not befit our lofty status and image,” he said.

“We have refused to be called chiefs, we don’t want it. There is an urgent need to look for another title as the current puts us in the wrong perspective, it gives us false personal,” he added.

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