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Operational Directions For Courts During Level 2 Lockdown

The Judiciary Service Commission has issued directions of how courts will operate under level 2 lockdown period.

In a statement the JSC said those remanded in custody between 4 and 8 May 2020 will remain incarcerated by the courts until after 11 May.

“For the purposes of implementing the measures introduced under level 2 lockdown, practice direction number 1 of 2020 as amended shall remain effective until the 10th of May 2020.

“Accused persons automatically remanded to dates between 4 May 2020 and 8 May 2020 under practice direction 2 of 2020, will be remanded by the courts to dates after 11 May 2020,” read the statement

JSC says all courts shall be operational from 11 May and all functions will continue in relation to directions under level 2 lockdown period.

 “All courts shall become operational with effect from 11 May 2020.Court functions and duties shall proceed in the manner set out in this practice direction. Registries shall be open for litigants, legal practitioners and the public on week days, between 0800hrs and 1500hrs”

Filing of court documents JSC says will proceed in terms of appropriate rules or court order. However, the Sheriff will serve other processes but will not carry evictions and formalisation of marriages remain suspended.

“The Sheriff shall serve all other process and orders, but shall not carry out evictions, executions or conduct sales in execution for the duration of the lockdown period. Solemnisation of marriages shall remain suspended for the duration of lockdown period” said JSC

Complainants and other court users will be asked to adhere to Covid-19 precaution measures such as temperature checks, sanitization and the wearing of face masks including the observance of social distancing.

The Commission said any person who does not comply with the specified requirements shall not be allowed to enter into the courthouse or courtroom.

Litigants who are required to attend Court in a Province or District other than where they are normally resident shall obtain the necessary letters of clearance at the nearest police station.


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