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Police Launch Operation Against Touts


The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has launched nationwide operation titled “No To Touts” which aims to eradicate touting by gangs notorious for coercing travelers to board public service vehicles and unlicensed pirate taxis.

In just one day, the police apprehended 410 touts, marking a significant step in the ZRP’s aggressive campaign. Those arrested are being processed through the judicial system, with court appearances scheduled in batches to ensure a swift legal response. Notably, no fines will be accepted at police stations, underscoring the ZRP’s commitment to thorough judicial proceedings.

The crackdown comes in response to increasing public complaints about touting, which has become a pervasive issue in Zimbabwe’s transport sector. Touts, often operating in groups, have been known to use intimidation and threats to fill vehicles, creating an unsafe environment for passengers.

In a press statement, Commissioner Paul Nyathi emphasized that public service vehicle operators and their crews will face legal consequences if found employing touts. The ZRP has also warned operators of pirate taxis, locally known as mushikashika, against engaging touts for illegal activities such as unsanctioned passenger pickups and drop-offs.

The police’s collaboration with the Judicial Service Commission ensures a coordinated effort to bring those involved in touting to justice.

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