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MDC-A Harare Councillors Condemn Demolitions

The majority of recalled MDC Alliance Harare Councillors have condemned the ongoing demolition of informal business structures in Harare dubbing the operation; “Murambatsvina 2.

In a joint statement, the Councillors said it was a crime against humanity at the instigation of the ruling Zanu PF to destroy livelihoods that depend on these structures for survival with out proper engagement with the victims.

“We, the elected MDC Alliance councilors of the City of Harare, condemn in the strongest terms the ongoing destruction of property, food and personal effects by the Zimbabwe Republic Police in an operation that has been instigated by Mr. Tafadzwa Muguti the Provincial Development Coordinator of Harare Metropolitan Province.

“The callous act by Zanu PF is a crime against humanity that has all the hallmarks of operation Murambatsvina carried out by the Zimbabwe Government in 2005. We reiterate the position adopted by the United Nations in 2005 that described the same type of central government led campaign as an effort to drive out and make homeless large sections of the urban poor, who make up much of the internal opposition to the regime in Zimbabwe.

The Councillors said a lasting solution is possible if the Government coordinates with local authorities in the provision of services.

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“A long term solution in our local authorities is feasible only when central government acts as an enabler for local authorities to undertake the services for which they are elected. All other measures simply impose a tax on families who are struggling to put food on the plate, let alone access basic services.

“What makes it even more crude and insensitive is the timing of this bad campaign- in winter. The Councilors of the City of Harare, the majority of whom were recalled and are unable to perform their duties from Town House, live in communities that battle to make a living. These communities need assistance and not sanctions, fishing rods and not baton sticks.” said the councilors

On Monday the Harare City Council, Chitungwiza Municipality and the Zimbabwe Republic Police embarked on a joint operation to destroy illegal structures located on road servitudes which are in violation of the Roads Act.

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