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Rev Chivaviro sets for double album launch

South Africa based Zimbabwean gospel artist Reverend Togarepi Tapera Chivaviro will today launch two albums titled Mhepo Inoperekedza- Tiri Munyasha Part 2 , and the hymnal bonus album, Tsitsi Dzake Ihuru.

Both albums have eight tracks each.

Anglican Cathedral Gardens will tonight reverberate to the sounds of the Ebenezer hit maker.The ‘red carpet event’ will see Rev Chivaviro performing some of the songs on both albums

‘People should come expecting showers  of blessings through music.  We are dropping two albums at the same timwe, for us this is a huge achievement. We have our main album, Mhepo Inoperekedza- Tiri Munyasha Part 2, and the hymnal bonus album, Tsitsi Dzake Ihuru and both carry eight tracks.

‘Mhepo is purely an original album. I wrote all the songs and didn’t adopt anything from anywhere. Traditionally, we would have put in a couple of Hymns there but we wanted to do it differently this time.’ Reverend Choivaviro.

He went on to say Tsitsi Dzake Ihuru is  solely made up of hymns to cater for those who are in love with old time songs. One song of the songs, Ngatimukudze features Kudzi Nyakudya.

Ebenezer Tirimunyasha, a hit which featured gospel pundits who include Charles Charamba, God Father of Gospel Mechanic Manyeruke, Kudzi Nyakudya, Bethen Pasinawako, Rumbi Zvirikuzhe and many others was widely received by many Zimbabweans from all walks of life.

Watch Ebenezer — Tiri Munyasha on the video below

‘We also didn’t feature any artists on Tiri Munyasha Part 2 because we  want people to know  who Reverend Chivaviro is as an artist. Collaborations will come in other productions,’ said Chivaviro

He was recently nominated for a NAMA award in the Best Gospel artiste  category, though he did not scoop the award.

‘We shall not pre-empty everything, we await listeners to be the judges. From my side, this is the best l have given the Nation so far,’ said the NAMA Awards nominee.

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