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Social Media Appalled As Lily Java Says Her Gift Of Prophecy Was Sexually Transmitted 

Social media community was yesterday left in stitches after controversial cleric, Passion Java’s wife, Lily, revealed that she acquired her gift of prophecy after connecting with her husband.

While the humorous found it funny, the more religious individuals found it offensive as Lily further asserted that she knew the gift had kicked in after telling random people’s addresses.

Said Lily; “Many people ask me “what can I do to prophesy and minister like you? I’m going to give you the secret today! The easiest way to start prophesying is to connect to someone who already walks in that grace. From the moment I connected to my husband, the prophetic unction was birthed in my spirit. I began to prophesy names and numbers, I started seeing house addresses and family members. I was able to describe in detail what’s inside their house what kind of car they drive or what they have only spoken in their heart. There is a transference in the spirit when connecting to the right person. I pray you connect to the grace upon our lives or that God will connect you to the right people in Jesus name!”


This is what the social media community had to say in reaction;

Tsitsi Mutyaso

java java java how many times did i call you..repent fear God stop preaching peoples phone numbers and their address rather preach the gospel of Jesus..stop all your nonsense that you do here in Zimbabwe stop it..God loves you repent because you are a sinner


Atarah Enwerion

Not connect to God but connect to your husband , not rely on the Holy Spirit or Jesus but rely on someone who has no power. Your works are showing and it’s truly not good! I smell fake!


Rudo Moyo

Your husband is NOT a prophet. He is a comedian and conman who will lick any a*se for money.
You have been fooled mum.


Oriana Mutsah

Lily Java spiritual gifts are not imparted through sexual intercourse sis

Those were the days when your hubby used to fool people with his meaningless tongues newewe unorwara pfungwa futi



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