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Lily Java Speaks On How Passion Works Up To Zimdancehall Tunes Every Morning


Lily Java has revealed that her controversial husband and founder of Kingdom Embassy, Passion Java wakes up to Zimdancehall music every morning, contrary to wide speculation that clerics are greeted by spiritual music on daybreak.

Addressing a congregation, Lily was captured expressing how her morning routines were interrupted by Java’s music from the day they got married.

“Listen when l got married to my husband.  I had my morning routine when I was single. When I was in a relationship he wasn’t living with me so I still had my morning routines. When I entered this realm I started hearing ndini ndarira swaa…” she chanted mimicking Jah Signal’s song, Sweetie, before continuing, …”I’m like I am not waking up to this everyday God. This is a whole another level that I have to wake to because I’m used to waking up to Hillsong, you know,” she said much to the congregation’s delight.


The video clip has left Zimbabweans rolling with laughter. One section even alluded that Lily is even funnier than her husband who is fast earning the title of a comedian threw videos he frequently shares on social media.

These are some of the reactions.

Caesar Marimbindi

Kkkkkk she has the vibe, far better than Panganai

James Checha

Majority we can agree that there’s nothing prophetic about the couple, but definitely she’s a better comedian than her husband.

Wexx Wellex

😂😂😂 she is funnier than its husband. don’t mind my English.
She should do skits anowana…. As compared to bae


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