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Stunner Turns Down Lockdown Rap Battle Invite

Controversial rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme has rebuffed a lockdown rap battle proposed to him by fellow musician Noble Stylez.

In his challenge, Stylez called for a five artistes in one rap battle between himself, Stunner, Mudiwa and any other rapper of the latter duo’s choice for a yet to be revealed “cool prize money.”

But responding to the challenge, the “Godo” hitmaker said he is too old to be involved in battles.

“Noble Chadnezzer wrong timing papa. Ndaburitsa chibasa changu (dzimudzangara) chiri kunakidza fani and that’s all I’m about now (not trying to divert attention) but dai nyaya iyi wakauya nayo kuseri and takaiitira chi poster chedu murunyararo (like gze is doing) kwete kungoita zvekungonyora sa Mudiwa kunge zvine kakudherera mukati, we are in our late 30s and I’m 40 ngatisakoniwa. Kutandara hedu but hatingomhanya pese panzi doro,” he said.

Stunner also added that he would only do it for some huge figures.

“Zvisinei my last bill was 1.5 by 5 in USD. If you can match that kana kundituka ndakanyarara ndinoita hangu,” he added.

Meanwhile, the singer ha since released visuals of his latest offering “Sugar Daddy.”

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