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Tobacco Season Progressed Well: TIMB

The Tobacco Marketing Board (TIMB) says the marketing season has progressed fairly well, recording 185,7 million kg valued at US$564,4 million.

By Adelaide Kuudzerema

In an interview with 263Chat, (TIMB) Public Affairs Officer Chelesani Moyo said the average price of tobacco was US$3.04 /kg compared to US$2.77 /kg during the same period last year, an indicator that prices were firmer this season.

“There is an improvement this season compared to last year and the (TIMB) is working towards more volumes next year to increase local tobacco production,” said Moyo.

He added that TIMB is looking to increase local financing of tobacco production to 70 percent of total costs per hectare, through localisation initiatives to accelerate value addition and benefaction from the current 1 to 30 percent by 2025.

Moyo said they are also working on championing sustainable tobacco production by ensuring that 50 percent of tobacco produced is cured using renewable energy by 2025.

“Although climate change affected the quality of tobacco produced by some growers this season, climate-proofing of tobacco production is clearly required, and we hope more investment in irrigation development will be made at small sector level to ensure that the tobacco market increases next year,” he said.

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Moyo also said growers will still be able to sell their tobacco even after 20 July which is the official date for the closure of auction floors.

“Any growers who still have auction tobacco should deliver at the auction floor of their choice once auction floors receive sufficient volumes, above 500 bales, (TIMB) will authorise for staggered interim clean up sales on the following dates, Wednesday 27th July 2022, Wednesday 3rd August 2022 and Wednesday 10th August 2022 and the final clean up sales will be held on Wednesday 17 August 2022,” said Moyo.

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