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Wadyajena Acquitted

Harare Magistrate Taurai Manuwere has today acquitted flamboyant Gokwe Nembudziya Legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena and Cottco bosses of US$5.8 million fraud charges.

Wadyajena was being charged together with the four co-accused persons who include Pious Manamike, Maxmore Njanji, Fortunate Molai and Chiedza Danha successfully applied for refusal of further remand which was granted by Magistrate Manuwere.

In granting the application, Magistrate Manuwere said the state had no case against the accused as they arrested to investigate as the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) failed to produce a docket for the case to proceed for trial.

Manuwere further stated that there was unnecessary delay by the state to complete investigations.


When Wadyajena and company were arrested, ZACC had initially hinted that there was overwhelming evidence against the accused including 27 fuel trucks, a Lamborghini Urus and a BMW X6M which were attached as part of proceeds of crime.

According to sources close to the ruling Zanu PF party, the arrest of Wadyajena was part of infightings allegedly spearheaded by his rivals seeking to challenge him for the Gokwe-Nembudziya parliamentary seats in party primaries ahead of the watershed 2023 harmonised elections.

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