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⁠⁠⁠Vendors,Youths defy demo ban

Members of National Vendors Union Zimbabwe  (NAVUZ) vowed to go ahead with demonstrations despite being banned.

Government last week banned all demonstrations in the Harare central business district until September 16. President Mugabe has since described judges who sanction demonstrations as careless and wild.

In the wake the banning of demonstrations, vendors today took to  the streets to vent their frustration over the move by the government.

Addressing citizens in the streets of Harare, NAVUZ Chairperson, Mr Sten Zvorwadza said it is impossible to ban demonstrations.

Watch more on the video below…


Meanwhile, Unemployed Youths Organization (UYO said the banning  of demonstrations exposes Zanu PF.

“By invoking a statutory instrument to effect a ban on demonstrations within the Harare CBD , the Robert Mugabe regime has exposed itself that it is clueless on bringing sanity to current challenges the citizens , particularly the youths.

“It has been the regime`s inherent characteristic to commit resources and energy on maintaining its grip on power and silencing the dissenting voice without facing real issues on the ground,” said the Youths in a statement.


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