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Ngarivhume’s Arrest Will Not Stop 31 July Protests

31 July protest organizers have vowed to proceed with their planned action without the convener Jacob Ngarivhume who was arrested on Monday and been denied bail by the Harare Magistrates Court today.

Ngarivhume was arrested together with journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and charged with incitement to commit public violence.

Expelled Zanu PF youth leader, Godfrey Tsenengamu who is also mobilising citizens to protest on the 31st of July said the event will proceed with or without Ngarivhume.

“They have arrested the convener but the 31st July Movement has not been arrested and so the revolution will not die. Smith did the same to our parents the freedom fighters but it didn’t succeed. History is repeating itself. We are not terrorists but citizens asking the authorities to stop the looting that we are witnessing today.

“It is very sad and unfortunate that the authorities have decided to do this to citizens who are expressing themselves but ignoring thieves and looters. The authorities are so swift in attacking dissenting voices and this is not the Zimbabwe we want,” he said.

MDC Alliance youth spokesperson, Stephen Chuma reiterated Tsenengamu’s remarks saying nothing will stand in the way of the July 31 protests.

“We expected that the regime as usual will make these illegal arrests as a means to foil 31 July. Let me reiterate what we have said before that 31 July is not about individuals but the majority, the suffering masses who are being prejudiced by predetermined corruption syndicates hence as citizens we are stopping at nothing to make sure our voices are heard come 31 July. Arrests or no arrests, it’s game on!’ said Chuma.

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Meanwhile, Zanu PF and war veterans have repeated their threats against organisers of the protests saying those who harbour ambitions to govern the country should wait for the next elections in 2023.

“The trinity that is the people, the war veterans stand in support of President Mnangagwa. We hold elections after every five years and those who think they can rule this country should wait for the next election, we will not tolerate those who are planning to remove the government unconstitutionally. Chamisa you lost the election, Bide your time any other recourse to try and remove the government by force will be met with total resistance,” said Mutsvangwa.

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