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African Students Condemn State Sponsored Clampdown On Protests

A PAN AFRICAN body of university students has penned a message of solidarity to the people of Zimbabwe over government’s ‘brutal and uneven’ response to protests over the deteriorating economic situation.

In Press Statement secretary general of All African Students Union (AASU) Peter Kwasi Kodjie, called on the government of Zimbabwe to “respect the human, civic and economic rights of its citizens” as solidarity over an organic grassroots movement #ZimbabweanLivesMatter grows.

Kodjie said the continental students’ body says it has been following ‘with grave concern’ the deteriorating economic hardships of the country that has led to people protesting and ‘abuse many have suffered at the hands’ of state security agents.

AASU in a message of solidarity saluted the courage of Zimbabweans in defending their rights despite a being brutalized by the new dispensation for standing on principle, that government arrest the economic freefall.

“At AASU, we are proud of Zimbabweans, particularly, the student community who are standing up to denounce the economic mismanagement and the attempt to subdue the people to silence by denying them their civic and economic rights.

“AASU salutes your courage in defending what you so firmly believe in. Be assured that we will always stand with you in difficult but laudable circumstances such as these current unfortunate happenings.

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“We would like to express our solidarity with the struggling people of Zimbabwe and all those across the African continent who are demanding for the equitable distribution of their countries’ resources

“We call on the Government of Zimbabwe to respect human rights the human, civic and economic rights,” read part of the solidarity message.

AASU also invited ‘well-meaning citizens of the world’ to sign a petition calling on the Zimbabwean government to observe and respect the rule of law, its constitution and international conventions.

Meanwhile the alumni, students, affiliates and staff of the University of Oxford also condemned ‘violent suppression of political expression and peaceful protest in Zimbabwe, the arrests of citizens engaging in safe and peaceful protest and the abduction, harassment and torture of Zimbabweans.’

Oxford expressed concerns over the arrests and abduction of government critics including the incarcerated duo of investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and 31 July movement leader Jacob Ngarivhume.

Pressure has been mounting on the new dispensation to address economic free fall and the deteriorating human rights situation in Zimbabwe, with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa recently appointing a Special Envoy on a fact finding mission.

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