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AGS Brings In Investors to Boost Zim Economy


A delegation of South African investors was in the country to explore business opportunities targeted at refining narratives around security  and investments.

Africa Grain and Seed (AGS) the corporate behind the visit of the 15 business delegation through its president Antony Denga said the company had taken key steps of bringing investors into Zimbabwe and that, “this round table Thought Leaders Investment conversation is a pre-cursor to the investment portfolio targeted at Zimbabwe, the strategy aims to realize and refine narratives around security and investment in Zimbabwe”.

The meeting was recently held together with the Institute for Applied Alchemy, Kampay, Satsanga, Black Farmers Association of South Africa (BFASA), Stellenbosch University, Pathfinder Projects Africa (PTY) who heeded the call from its strategic partner (AGS).

AGS vice president Zandile Matiwaza-Denga women and youths to take part in agriculture as it is the only way to boost the country’s economy.

“We want to introduce agriculture to the women and youths of Zimbabwe because we know that agriculture is the backbone of our economy,” she said.

Through their partnership AGS seeks to play a pivotal role in articulating the problems of poverty alleviation, human progression, growth opportunities in macro-micro economics, and social policy.

Denga added that the meeting agenda was intended to highlight President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mantra of Zimbabwe being open for business thereby boosting investor confidence  and also facilitating economic growth, up-skilling, and creating employment.

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KamPay is right now working with top collaborators to create micro loans for farmers in Africa. Until recently, there was no safe way to finance agriculture in Africa because of corruptness and limitation of the technology.

The meeting was graced by ZANU PF Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba.

AGS is an agro-based company which ultimately aims to broaden the scope as a growth trajectory from agriculture to mining and eventually tourism.

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