Botswana Govt Refutes Coronavirus Reports

The government of Botswana has refuted earlier reports of suspected coronavirus cases, saying they have not reported any confirmed cases.

In a statement on Twitter, Botswana said they have acknowledged five suspected cases which have not yet been confirmed.

“The Ministry notes with concern the misleading information circulating on social media particularly Facebook and WhatsApp, about #coronavirus situation in the country.

“Contrary to circulating information, Botswana as a country has NOT reported any confirmed cases of coronavirus. The country has rather acknowledged five SUSPECTED cases of coronavirus.

“Social media users are therefore sensitised to always check the source of their material to avoid circulating/sharing misleading and distressing information,” said Botswana.

The novel coronavirus has ravaged China with over 300 fatalities while thousands have been affected. The United Nations has since declared the deadly disease a global emergency.

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