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Chamisa Mocks Mnangagwa Over ‘Cool Mortuary’ Jest


Movement for Democratic Change leader Nelson Chamisa has ripped into President Emmerson Mnangagwa over the remarks he recently made while officially unveiling a mortuary in Gutu, Masvingo.

President Mnangagwa became a subject of social media ridicule over a video in which he was captured describing a new Gutu Hospital mortuary ‘as very cool’ while making reference to his time as a Kwekwe legislator when he paid a prize to the first family to use his donated mortuary. The video has been trending on various social media platforms.

Addressing MDC party Councilors at the Inaugural SMART Councils summit at the party’s headquarters Chamisa said Mnangagwa was out of touch with reality and his days as President were numbered.

“The exchange rate is now at forty something, even if you are an effective councillor, father, mother or husband you cannot plan under these circumstances. When you are organised the state disorganizes you” said Chamisa

Chamisa said the country was struggling for everything and an educated person like Engineer Elias Mudzuri has become an ordinary person.

“Even Engineer Mudzuri has become an ordinary person, if you do not struggle for water you struggle for power and if you don’t struggle for power you struggle for cash…..we are struggling in everything. Zimbabweans lets fight for our rights, let’s not wait for anyone else to tell us to fight. It’s natural to fight when you are being fought”

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He said in other countries the Mnangagwa mortuary sentiments would result in someone being burnt.

“In other countries, this talk of mortuaries by Mnangagwa, he would have been burnt because if you see a President celebrating such things it shows that he is out of reality and also his days are numbered” said Chamisa





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