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Chinese Tile Firm Clears Air On Employees Death

Abel Mukumba and Blessing Matakura

Chinese owned tile making company Sunny Yi Feng has dismissed social media reports that two of its employees who died recently were assaulted to death.

Last week, social media was abuzz with reports that employers at the Norton based company had assaulted to death two of its employees.

In an interview with 263Chat, Blessing Matakura company human resources assistant said the deaths were as a result of occupational accidents.

“We had two deaths at the factory but both were accidents which occurred 7 weeks apart. The first one was that of a tri-cycle where a passenger fell from the cycle after the driver failed to negotiate a curve leading to the tri-cycle landing on the left side and partially landing on him. He was taken to hospital unfortunately he passed on at Norton hospital,” said Matakura.

The second incident involved a twenty two year old man who succumbed to injuries after being trapped on a conveyor belt.

“The second one was an industrial accident which occurred in the factory so this guy was applying grease on a conveyor belt roller. The other guy who was working within is not sure of how it happened. There are suggestions that he might have been applying the grease without doing the proper procedures so may be the iron bar which he was using was trapped.

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“He was taken to Parirenyatwa hospital and those who ferried him were talking to him unfortunately he died at the hospital, that’s how the accidents happened. Everything that happens here is reported to the police and these two incidents were reported,” he said.

According to a post mortem report gleaned by 263Chat, the second victim succumbed to injuries sustained during the accident and no foul play is suspected. The company footed all the funeral bills with the victims’ family expected to get compensation.


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