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David Livingstone teachers wrestle over bright kids


Two female teachers from David Livingstone primary school appeared before Harare Magistrate court for assault, after a verbal war which translated into a physical fight over ‘bright’ pupils.

The court heard that the stagy incident happened on 25 January 2016 after Precious Nyemba deliberately allocated herself two bright pupils during a class rearrangement process which Sandra Hunyenye, the complainant, described as unfair.

“I approached Mrs Hunyenye, and  told her that I had to take two pupils, she would in turn  take two pupils from my class. We agreed but days later she accused me of giving her dull pupils,” said Nyemba.

Hunyenye refuted Nyemba’s statement saying that Nyemba assaulted her and subsequently punched her. She claimed that she never retaliated.

A female teacher who witnessed the fight said she saw Hunyenye running towards the accused’s classroom.

“I was in my class and I saw Hunyenye running towards Nyemba’s classroom , by the time I got to the class, she was already fighting Nyemba,” said the witness.

The school headmaster who is alleged to have witnessed the bout failed to put it to a halt.

Reports from medical practitioners indicate that the duo sustained some injuries.

Harare Magistrate Mapfumo remanded the case to 22 March because the legal team handling the case had other commitments .

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