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60 Year Old Mt Hampden Gets 12 Year Sentence For Rape

A 60 year old Mt Hampden, Harare man was yesterday convicted of rape and slapped with a 12 year jail term by Harare magistrate Bianca Makwande.

The convicted, Micklas Magavagava was charged with rape as defined in section 65 (1) of the criminal law codification and reform  act chapter 9:3.

It is the state’s case that on 13 August this year, the convicted, Magavagava had unprotected sex with a 16 year old minor without her consent.

After forcing himself on the minor, the court heard that, he later called and offered her a freezit as a way to shut her up.

The court also heard that Magavagava told the complainant to take a bath soon raping her as a way of destroying evidence.

The complainant later made a police report leading to the arrest of Magavava.


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