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EcoBank Donates $7k to Mutoko’s Mother of Peace

A local financial institution, EcoBank on Saturday donated cash and goods worthy over $7000 to Mother of Peace orphanage in Mtoko in celebration of EcoBank Day.

In an interview with 263Chat, Ecobank Project Manager, Tichaona Gandaunhamo said the significance of this donation is coming from the overall EcoBank’s corporate social responsibility theme for 2017 which is focusing on provision of clean and safe drinking water for children.

“The significance of this donation is coming from the overall  EcoBank as part of our corporate social responsibility for this year which is focusing on providing clean and  safe drinking  water to children.

“This celebration is being done across many countries to work with communities to provide safe water

“So to Mother of Peace orphanage with many children who dont have safe drinking water, we came here to provide the installation of a borehole, tank with support from our partners who provided water treatment to make sure that children have access to safe water

“We donated $5000, food staffs including rice, sugar, flour, salt and many more worth $2000 to eat such that they will find something to eat on Christmas,” said Gandanhamo.

He added that they have been working with the orphanage for the past two years as well as Chitungwiza General hospital and Sigombe school in Bulawayo.

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“We have worked with this orphanage for the past two years and we are also working with Chitungwiza Hospital maternity ward where today we also donated consumables, oxygen equipment to make sure that we reduce child mortality and also to help the mothers of these children.

“We also work with Sigombe school in Bulawayo where again we are focussing more on education whereby we provided 10 scholarships for under privileged students,” he added.

Meanwhile Mother of Peace Chairman, Tendai Munhenga said he is humbled by Ecobank’s gesture.

“We are very humbled by the contribution of our all weather friend EcoBank for donating goods for orphans.

“Our children have been facing difficulties in terms of water, the situation was not even healthy so we would like to thank them for what they did for us today and we hope that we will keep on working with them,” he said.

Situated in Mutoko, Mother of Peace is a community for children who have been abandoned, orphaned or abused, their work currently impacts 70 young children.

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