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Emmy Award-winning Zim Artists Introduces New Sound In Upcoming Song

Draze Mazvita

As the world increasingly embraces the global sounds of hip hop and Afrobeats, onto the stage enters Ancestral Art – a new sound – inspired by Emmy Award-Winning songwriter-rapper Draze.

The sound blends the melodious sounds of Africa with the raw energy of hip-hop. Fans will get a taste of it in Mazvita, Draze’s new single off his upcoming album, “African American.” The song drops on Friday, March 10, 2023, along with the accompanying music video.

“Mazvita, which means “thank you” in the Shona language of Zimbabwe, is a song that bridges cultures,” says Draze. “The song transports listeners from a typical hood in America to a typical village in Zimbabwe and is a personal “thank you” to my mother, father, grandparents and the communities who raised me in both Africa and America.”

Draze credits his parents for his unique sound that he’s dubbed Ancestral Arts. In an era when every instrument on a song is synthesized, Draze physically plays marimba on the track.

Marimba, which is the predecessor to the Xylophone, is a traditional Zimbabwean instrument taught to Draze by his father, Dumisani Maraire Sr., the world-renowned Marimba player who taught Marimba at the University of Washington.

Draze says that he plays marimba on the track as a way to honour his late father. “In my eyes, my father was the greatest Marimba player ever. I play the instrument in salute to him, and my mother, Lora Chiorah. Actually having my mother and sister, Danai Maraire, sing on the track really added the traditional element,” shares Draze.

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In the music video, Draze uses clever visuals to display the duality of being African and American. “With the video, I want to inspire black people around the world to see themselves also as African, and to see one another as family. When we get to that point we will truly be unstoppable,” states Draze. Leaning on his experience as an American rapper and songwriter with over 6,500 song placements on TV, Draze tapped producer Vitamin D to collaborate on the track.

Vitamin D is most widely known for producing artists like Lil Wayne, Torey Lanes and 50 Cents Big Rich Town from his Power series. Together, they produced a track that highlights Drazes’ sick lyrical abilities and multi-hyphenated skillset.

Draze says that Mazvita is the purest way to tease “African American,” his upcoming album. “From the Lyricism to the storytelling, to the cultural vibes and raw 808 drums, this track is like the whole album wrapped into one song.”

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