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First Zim-owned Chat Application ‘Talk Chart’ A Game Changer

Prevail International has developed the first Zimbabwean-owned chat application called ‘Talk Chart’ which allows people to connect seamlessly from any part of the world.

Prevail International Group chairperson, Tempter Paul Tungwarara said the new app will be a one-stop-shop as it connects people and will going forward allow users to transact as the developers are at an advanced stage of incorporating a payment gateway linked to banks and other financial institutions on the platform.

“As we build on the mantra – Zimbabwe is open for business – we want not only Zimbabweans to connect with each other but the outside world as well. The application is available for download on Play Store and App store. It is compatible with all devices,” he said.

 He said collaboration and communication made seamless by mobile apps are the foundation of building a successful work environment, investment, strong family bond and corporate ties.

With ‘Talk Chart’ one can send and receive text messages, photos, videos, voice messages, and in future transact. Whether chatting one-on-one or in a group chat, the app allows one to express oneself and stay connected with other people.

“Talk Chart is a fast, reliable and secure chat app that lets people stay connected. The app uses state-of-the-art encryption to keep messages safe and private, so users can confidently chat knowing that their conversations are secure.

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The developer, Prevail group Dubai, says the app’s privacy practices include handling of data in a professional manner.

With improved branding, customization and user interaction, mobile apps are leading the market. Since their inception, they have been disrupting the entire way internet services have been accessed by people. eCommerce has found its thriving ground once it moved into an app-centric strategy. Over half of the internet traffic is coming from mobile devices and most of them are from mobile apps.

Tungwarara said advantages of using mobile applications such as ‘Talk Chart’ are that they are faster than mobile websites.

“Even a well-groomed and optimized responsive mobile website cannot match the speed of an app. Businesses are all about giving the service as fast as possible today. A slight lag can cause massive loss and that leads to customer discontent,” he said.

He said ‘Talk Chart’ can leverage the features of native devices seamlessly. This opens a great opportunity to engage with the users productively.

For business mobile apps are a great way to reduce costs with assured productivity. As apps can connect vendors and customers through a single direct channel, it reduces the extra marketing expenses.

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