Go For Cervical Cancer Screening: Chief Chikwaka

Goromonzi traditional leader, Chief Chikwaka ( Murambiwa Witness Bungu) has urged women to get screened for cervical cancer and lead their lives knowing where they stand.

Speaking at the National Rural Women’s Convection in Harare today, Chief Chikwaka said cancer screening allows victims to lead their lives knowing were they stand, urging society to also cater for women with albinism, who are subjected to discrimination.

“l was expecting to see women with albinism as part of this congregation as they are also able women. let us not discriminate people with albinism. they need our support in-order to continue living,” said Chief Chikwaka.

He further condemned parents who are ashamed of their albino children saying they should be open about it so that they get support.

“Do not hide the albino children in the homes, let them access medication to prevent their sensitive skin from getting skin cancer,” he added while condemning traditional beliefs that escalate abuse of people with albinism.

“Traditional healers lie that albinos can be used as sacrifices  to cleanse during their rituals. albinos are just people like us therefore there is need for us to protect them,” said Chikwaka.

He also encouraged the community to take advantage of government medical facilities which offer free cancer screening including SouthMed in Chitungwiza.