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Harare Residents Demand Cancellation Of Pomona Deal

Harare based residents associations and Civil Society organizations have called for the termination of the controversial Pomona “deal” citing lack of transparency, violation of devolution principles, and the exploitative nature of the contents of the Memorandum of Agreement that gave birth to the Pomona Waste to Energy Project.

Speaking during a Waste to Energy Indaba held in the capital city on Tuesday, Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) Acting Director Lorraine Mupasiri-Sani said the absence of a feasibility study and the opaque nature of the Pomona “deal” makes it difficult to understand and endorse.

She said the contents of the Agreement were exploitative and meant to benefit Geogenix at the expense of the residents of Harare.

The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) recommended the cancellation of the Geo Pomona Waste Management deal citing a lack of public consultations, tender screening, and competitive bidding.

Zvikomborero Sibanda an Economist with ZIMCODD said the deal in its form will plunge the City of Harare into serious debt thereby increasing the country’s debt situation.

Dr. Chiponda an Ecological Feminist demanded a Gender Impact Assessment on the Pomona Waste to Energy Project.

“We have a climate crisis, and this is another crisis which calls for applying our minds to the implications of the Pomona Waste to Energy Project on Women,” said Chiponda.

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The Local Government Trust Project Lead Tapiwa Nyamukapa noted that failure to implement devolution as provided in Chapter 14 of the Constitution is the major reason why the central government continues to operate and make decisions at the local level.

“As long as there is no legislation guiding devolution in this country next year we will be here lamenting with the same problems,” said Mr. Nyamukapa.

Harare North Legislator, Rusty Markham promised that more court actions loom on the Pomona issue because the deal has nothing to do with Harare residents and ratepayers.

Residents Associations and CSOs agreed to petition European Union and Netherlands Embassy on the murky deal as it has the potential to exacerbate inequalities and poverty among residents of Harare.

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