ICC Threatens To Terminate Zim Cricket Membership For Good

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Wednesday gave the beleaguered Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) an ultimatum to either reinstate unconditionally, the Tavengwa Mukuhlane-led board by October 8 2019 or face the boot.

The international cricket board did not mince its words but made it clear that ZC risks the termination of its membership.

In a strongly worded letter to ZC this morning, ICC said the suspension of Zim Cricket still stands and the elected board, led by Mukuhlani should be reinstated or the country will lose its membership permanently.

Last week ICC suspended ZC over what it deemed government interference after the Sports and Recreational Commission (SRC) dissolved the Mukuhlane led board replacing it with an interim board led by Dave Ellman-Brown.

ICC accuses the SRC of breaching articles Article 2.4 (D) and (E) which states that :

“Each Member must at all times manage its affairs autonomously and ensure that there is no
government (or other public or quasi-public body) interference in its governance, regulation and/or
administration of Cricket in its cricket playing country (including in operational matters, in the selection
and management of teams, and in the appointment of coaches or support personnel”. 


“Each Member must at all times comply in all respects with, and discharge in full all of its obligations
under each provision of the Memorandum of Association and/or these Articles of Association …”  respectively.

Consequently, ICC said it deliberated on the matter and considered all the relevant documentation, including the representations and documents made by and handed to the ICC Board by the representatives of the Interim Committee.

“The ICC Board is of the unanimous view that the above acts, as well as the full terms of the SRC resolution, removing the democratically elected Board of the Zimbabwe Cricket are acts of government interference in the administration of Zimbabwe Cricket and are in breach of Articles 2.4 (D) and (E) of the ICC Articles of Association,” the letter stated.

It further went on to warn that should the Mukuhlani board not be reinstated by the time ICC convenes for its next meet, ZC will be chucked out of ICC.

“Should you wish the ICC to reconsider your suspension, you are required to take all relevant steps to ensure that the Board of Zimbabwe Cricket elected on 14 June 2019 is unconditionally reinstated forthwith and, in any event, no later than 8 October 2019 so that the ICC Board can review the matter when it convenes on 12 October 2019 for its next meeting.

“You are also required to provide satisfactory evidence to ensure that the Zimbabwe Cricket will administer its affairs free of external interference and influence.

“Should the ICC not receive a satisfactory response from you on the above terms, within the stipulated time frame, the ICC reserves its right to take such further action as it deems appropriate including to proceed by way of termination of your membership as provided for in the Articles of Association,” the letter further said.

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