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Jonathan Moyo Hits At Charamba’s ‘Insult’ To Zambian President


Former Cabinet Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo Tuesday hit out at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba after he torched a diplomatic storm with the new Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema.

Charamba labelled Hichilema a sell-out as the new leader was pictured with Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa during the former’s inauguration in Lusaka yesterday.

In a response to a tweet by political analyst and lawyer, Alex Magaisa, Charamba said: “Yes, they are sell-outs. What is your problem?”

Prof Moyo said Charamba’s utterances was an “insult” to Zambian President

“AS THINGS STAND, any direct or indirect suggestion by a senior official of the Government of Zimbabwe that “President @HHichilema is a sell-out”, must necessarily be taken as an official Government of Zimbabwe insult to the President, the Government and the people of Zambia!” he wrote on his Twitter handle.

He further weighed in on an article carried by Newsday saying: “This repeat headline is pregnant with big-time trouble and now risks sinking Mnangagwa’s regime, down the line, in the not too distant future!”

Charamba has in the past launched attacked on Hichilema in the past further worsening the relations between Mnangagwa’s government and the new Zambian leader.

However, according to The Herald, Mnangagwa and Hichilema held a meeting soon after the inauguration with key outcomes being strengthening trade and diplomatic ties that exist between the two neighbouring countries.

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Magaisa said Charamba’s statements reflect badly on the Mnangagwa administration as his positions can be taken to be representing the government’s views.

“Charamba is a presidential spokesperson who is making a vile statement against a fellow head of state. His statement matters because we have seen his several other posts reflecting government positions on other issues.

“It is undiplomatic for a presidential spokesperson to attack a fellow head of State on baseless accusations,” Magaisa noted.

He said it was ironic that the attacks by Charamba were happening as the Government of Zimbabwe was in attendance during the Zambian leader’s inauguration.

“The fact is that there is fear and panic within the ruling party Zanu PF over the perceived close association between Chamisa and Hichilema,” Magaisa said.

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