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We Are Unshakable Despite State Media Blackout: Chamisa


Opposition MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says his party remains resolute to the cause of a ‘free’ Zimbabwe despite media blackout from state media.

Speaking to journalists in Zambia on the sidelines of President Hakainde Hichilema’s inauguration, Chamisa said his party remained focused despite an uneven political ground.

Chamisa said his party had developed strategies to counter such antics and connect with the party’s supporters.

“We only have one television station in Zimbabwe and there has been only that one television station since independence, something which is bizarre and unheard of.

“There is no independent television station. But on the television station, I, as a leader of the alternative, during the election campaign, was never interviewed once. I never appeared on that television. The only time I appear, it is when they are accusing me of something. But with all that kind of blackout, we are still standing, live broadcasting in the hearts of the people. We are unshakable and we continue to be very strong.” said Chamisa

The MDC Alliance has on countless occasions called for Electoral and Media Reforms as well as failures of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to implement all measures that are consistent with the independence of an electoral body.

Recently, MDC-Alliance secretary for elections, Ian Makone appealed to ZEC to consult all election stakeholders on it’s activities in line with section 5 of the Electoral Act.

“As a party we have written to the commission on several occasions requesting the convening of a stakeholders forum to discuss all key issues relating to conduct of elections, it is disheartening and progressive to note that the last political stakeholders engagement with ZEC was held in February 2018 Harmonised elections”. said Makone 


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