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Khupe Aide Wins Labour Dispute Against MDC-T

A Ministry of Public Service and Labour tribunal has ordered opposition MDC-T to pay former party deputy president Thokozani Khupe’s security aide Kudzanai Mashumba USD 7000 in unpaid salaries and benefits.

Mashumba who was last year manhandled by several MDC youth for trying to expose what he alleged was mismanagement of funds by party president Douglas Mwonzora approached the labour tribunal chaired by labour officer Constance Kadenga seeking redress.

The MDC-T had claimed that they had no contract with Mashumba however, Kadenga dismissed the claim saying there was evidence suggesting otherwise.

“After having analysed the above submissions by the disputing parties, it was this Tribunals finding that the parties knew each other. Claimant is saying he was employed on a verbal’ contract without limit of time and the respondent is saying claimant was never employed by MDC- T but rather he was a volunteer who volunteered as a personal aide to the then acting president Dr Thokozani Khupe.

“However no evidence was availed by the Respondent to show that claimant was a volunteer. Evidence was tendered to this Tribunal by the claimant to prove that he was an employee of the Respondent and among documents provided included a letter dated 8 July 2020 from the Office of the President which was a confirmation of employment letter to open a bank account,” said Kadenga

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She added “A bank statement from Steward bank was also availed before this Tribunal showing the paid allowances. Some WhatsApp conversations were also availed. With the above evidence availed before this Tribunal the Respondent cannot insist that there was no employer-employee relationship between the parties.”

In her ruling Kadenga said “I order that the claimant Kudzanai Mashumba be paid USD7 600-00 in unpaid salaries and benefits at the equivalent Zimbabwean bank rate by Responded Movement for Democratic Change T. (MDC-T).”

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